Buti Pelletterie | Since 1950 leather bags for products of excellence
Since 1950 Buti Pelletterie has been producing leather bags using the best fabrics to make products of excellence and quality.
leather bags, products of excellence, quality products, fine leathers
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The story of the Buti Maison starts in the fifties, in the beautiful Tuscany countryside between FIRENZE, PISA, AND LUCCA, where the founder of the brand, Pilade Buti, started its artisan career creating chestnut BASKETS TRIMMED WITH LEATHER AND WOVEN LEATHER OBJECTS.
During world war II raw matters for leather goods where scarce and unavailable, but after the war the traditional leather production could flourish and thrive again, and Pilade Buti was able to dream of dreams unimaginable years before.   As matter of fact, it was in Tuscany that could be found the best type of leathers, of hardwares, and the most beautiful textiles to realise products of excellence. The 26th of October 1959 Pilade Buti enrolled his activity to the chamber of commerce, officially starting the Buti brand.


Once the company was constituted, Pilade started a meticulous search for artisans, finding professional figures with great technical and creative skills, and he found them in the homeland of leather goods : FIRENZE. The artisans he hired had been formed in FIRENZE’S BOTTEGHE and lived there; so when Pilade moved the Company to Cascine di Buti, nowdays headquarters, he hosted his employees in his and his brother’s house, giving them room and board. For a period of time the artisans would sleep in his house, and would eat with BUTI’s family, following the tradition of large Tuscan families. The employees would give back devotion, sacrifices and professionality. As matter of fact those first employees became family for Pilade Buti, working in HIS Maison for their entire career. One of them, Alcide Bravi, worked for all his career as top modelist for the brand, and become Pilade Buti’s right-hand man, helping him design and realize the most acclaimed pieces of the BUTI Atelier.


At the end of the sixties and during the seventies in particular, the Buti firm grew in popularity thanks to its innovative models and the advertising in the main magazines and TV channels, as well as the preference expressed for the brand by famous peoples of the Italian stars system. In this years and in the following .. Buti bags gained the name of “LE BELLE ITALIANE NEL MONDO” .


The tradition continued with the second generation of the Buti family with Pilade’s sons. Amerigo started working for the Buti Maison in the eighties, and Federico more recently, but nowdays they are Sales and Products Development Manager and Account Manager respectively, bringing in the new century the values of the company and the quest for excellence that made Buti famous worldwide. Pilade continues to overview the production department, next to the master craftsman and the new generations, combining innovation and tradition, new products with quality, new clients and new markets. For Buti, quality is what remains in the mind of clients.


The Buti Maison is nowdays international, with a 1600 SM headquarters, shops in Lungarno Acciaiuoli 54R, Firenze and Knokke-Heist in Belgium, Show-room in Paris and distribution in France, distributor in South Korea, customers in UK, USA, Germany, Malesya, with the original tradition of “Bottega Artigiana” with contemporary taste, with its artisans, and its founder Pilade Buti every morning in the factory, expressing his approval or denial with a thumb up or a thumb down, as he has been doing for the last sixty years, always working with the highest quality standards and a deep love for his works and his masterpieces.


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